Patton and Pancho: A Clash of Cultures
A Conference on the Mexican Revolution and the American Military Intervention in Mexico in 1916 (Wednesday, March 9, 2016--Friday, March 11, 2016)

In commemoration of the one hundred year anniversary of Pancho Villa's attack on Columbus, New Mexico and the American military intervention into northern Mexico, the Old Primero Historical Foundation and the Journal of Military Aviation History co-sponsered a conference, Patton and Pancho: A Clash of Cultures.

The conference opened at the Arizona Historical Museum in Tucson on Wednesday evening, March 9th with an exhibition of photographs of the Mexican Revolution, the Punitive Expedition, and the new technology on the combat trail. Wednesday evening concluded with the premiere of a new documentary film on the Columbus raid and the subsequent American military operation in northern Mexico. The documentary is based on the analysis of both American and Mexican historians, important contemporary motion picture film footage of the times, and significant newly uncovered images taken on both sides of the combat trail.

The conference resumed the next day at the Tucson Hilton East Hotel. Click on the program link below for a copy of the final conference program.

Final Conference Documents